It’s time for the annual survey. But first, it’s also time to elect board members. Click here to go to the prospective board member page.

Please submit the survey by April 30th, 2019, to receive a discount coupon that can be used anytime during the month of April. The coupon is good for savings on a single shopping trip: 10% off for members who spend less than $150, 15% off for members who spend more than $150, and 20% off for members who spend more than $200, and 10% off for non-members.  The coupon is valid through April 30th. The discount applies to regularly priced items, and we do not compound discounts.

Please help us save trees, and click here for the electronic survey. Paper surveys are available at the customer-service desk and must be returned to the Co+op by April 30th. Limit one survey and one discount per household.

Your input is important to us. The Co+op uses the survey to assess its performance in several areas including customer satisfaction and communication. We value the insight into our members’ shopping patterns and demographics. We also use the data to report to Co+op stakeholders how well we as an organization adhere to our customer-service policy, mission, and vision.

For more information contact General Manager Tim Morrison at 505-695-1579 or

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