The Pajarito Group of the Sierra Club is spearheading an initiative to ban single-use carryout plastic bags in Los Alamos County. The Los Alamos County Council voted last night on whether to put the bag ban issue before the Environmental Sustainability Board.  The vote was favorable, so the ESB will obtain public input, review the issue, and draft an ordinance.

Local Sierra Club members have published more information on the environmental and economic damage caused by plastic bags in both the Monitor and the L.A. Daily Post; opposing viewpoints can be found here and here. Please take the time to read those articles, and in the meantime, consider investing in reusable grocery bags, which are both long lasting and inexpensive.

“We always encourage customers to use their own bags because that is the best choice as nothing is wasted,” says Front End Manager Chris McLaughlin, noting that if customers don’t have their own reusable bags, the Co+op supplies paper bags free of charge. “The Co+op uses paper bags because the plastic bags out there are non-renewable. Paper bags take a little more energy to make, but are renewable.” Read more about the National Cooperative Grocer’s stance on paper versus plastic versus your own bags by clicking here.

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