Thank you for your continued support of and dedication to the Los Alamos Cooperative Market. You’ve seen a lot of changes unfold during the past 18 months (some better than others). Currently, I’m very excited to have Tim Morrison as our interim general manager. With all the talented managers and staff working with him, your store has regained its positive and fun atmosphere. If you haven’t yet, please stop in soon to experience this for yourself and to try all the new products the Los Alamos Cooperative Market has to offer!

As the Board President, I would like remind you about some of the benefits to which you are entitled as member/owners. The main way for you to affect positive growth and change is to actively participate in elections for the Co+op’s Board of Directors or to serve as a Board member. This group acts as a fiduciary, overseeing the financial health and well-being of the store.

There are several other ways in which you are welcomed to exercise your rights as member/owners:

  1. Attend Board meetings. As a member/owner, it is your right to come to these meetings and provide constructive input to the Board.
  2. Review Co+op records. Another right you have is the ability to review the Co+op’s financial records. As a member/owner, our books are open for you to review if you wish.
  3. Speak with your general manager. I invite you to contact Tim Morrison, our interim general manager. He is willing to chat about the store’s status and can arrange meetings for those interested in reviewing our financial information. He can be contacted at to schedule a meeting time.
Thank you again for your continued support. On behalf of all Board members, know that your participation and input is both valued and crucial to our Co+op’s sustainability and success. The Board works diligently to ensure that the Los Alamos Cooperative Market continues to be a place that provides both a quality shopping experience for you, our member/owners, and quality employment within our Los Alamos community.

—David Fellenz, President, LACM Board of Directors

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