Earth Day is a perfect time to introduce simple changes that have lasting effects on the environment and your health. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Hang dry your clothes on a clothesline or drying rack. Your wardrobe will maintain color and fit, and you’ll save money. Let nature do the work.
  2. Use a re-fillable water bottle—and bring it with you everywhere. Nearly 90 percent of plastic water bottles are not recycled; you can help reduce that number. Not to mention, by having water handy, you won’t be as tempted by sugary drinks. Likewise, bring a personal coffee mug to your favorite coffee shop; you’ll cut down on waste and also save money, as most places offer a cup discount.
  3. Skip the coffee stirrer. Each year, Americans throw away 138 billion straws and stirrers. Put your cream in sugar in your coffee cup first, then add liquid, and the ingredients should mix themselves.
  4. Support local farmers and producers. The fewer road miles the product has traveled, the fresher it is and the less carbon footprint it has.
  5. Telecommute, carpool, or use public transportation. Atomic City Transit has many routes to accommodate a variety of schedules.


—Melanie Borup, Outreach

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