Hello all,

First, I must start by thanking every one of the Co+op’s member/owners and customers who have stuck with us through this time of transition. If you have not met me yet, I am Scott Brelsford, the store’s new general manager, and I am here for a reason. That reason is simple: to make the Los Alamos Cooperative Market the best grocer in Los Alamos. The method of doing so is quite simple; let me explain.

We have neglected you as customers, taken you for granted. Your needs and wants are no longer going to be overlooked. No more unfulfilled promises and poor attention to detail accompanied by poor customer service. That is no way to operate a cooperative. We are moving forward, embracing both the cooperative spirit and the challenge of winning over a customer base that, frankly, has its reasons to doubt us.

This begins with the staff. Proper training, teaching, and orientation processes are being put in place in order to empower our staff—for them to take responsibility for their jobs. Excellence will be the new normal here, and everyone will be expected to play a part in the Co+op’s success. In return we will provide the support, encouragement, and rewards that one would expect to receive from a responsible employer. I encourage you all as customers to talk with the crew, and gauge for yourselves if we are meeting this goal. We want to be the best place to work in Los Alamos, and we have our work cut out for us to get there.

I am not the only new manger in town. Cara Fazio brings a decade of cooperative experience to the team as the new outreach coordinator. Rebekah Valentine has moved up through the ranks of our store and is now our new front end manager. Christopher Laino takes over the deli on October 15 as the new manager.

So when I say change is in the air, I mean it. We have a long way to go to reach our goals, and we will never stop striving to improve. But we cannot do it alone; we need your help. Your feedback about what we are doing well, and just as importantly, where we are falling short of expectations, is key for our growth and improvement. This will not happen overnight. This is an ongoing process during which we will need your patience and guidance as we take it one bite at a time. My promise to you is that before you know it, we will look back and be miles and miles ahead of where we started.

My cell phone number is 785-236-1359. Call me and set up a time to talk. If you care enough about the Co+op to pick up the phone, I care enough to hear what you have to say.

Alternatively, come by the store on October 17 for Member Appreciation Day to meet me, the Board of Directors, and our staff and management team. We’ll be grilling up grass-fed burgers, handing out samples and giveaways, and offering a 10 percent discount on store purchases. Please join us as we kick off a new chapter at the heart of the community on the edge of town.

Scott Brelsford

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