I have always loved buying spring greens from Farmer’s Markets because I find that they last longer and taste fresher than anything found in the store. Unfortunately for many of the people in Los Alamos, the Farmer’s Market is on a weekday morning during working hours. For this reason, I was excited to hear that the Co+op would be hosting the Farmers’ Cooperative Market on Saturday mornings. The Farmers’ Co-op is made up of four farmers including Camino de Paz, Monte Vista Farm, Tesuque Pueblo Farm, and Shepherd’s Lamb.

Camino de Paz sent their representatives with some really delicious snow peas for sale this last Saturday. I thought they were perfectly crunchy without tasting too fibrous. While everyone may not love these types of  greens, I ask that everyone give the foods at Farmers’ Cooperative Market a chance. You may enjoy it, and you’re using your dollars to directly support local farms.

Camino de Paz School & Farm is a private Montessori middle school for grades 7 through 9 in Santa Cruz, New Mexico. For more information about the Farmers’ Co-op, visit our website.

—Melanie Borup

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