Do you have ideas about how to improve the Co+op? Are you passionate about making the store an essential part of our community? Now is the time to start thinking about serving on the Co+op’s nine-person Board of Directors. Voting doesn’t start until April 17, 2016, but there are a few things prospective candidates must do before then.

To qualify, a board candidate must be a Los Alamos Co+operative Market member in good standing for the four months prior to the election. Candidates have until March 20 to declare their candidacy. Candidates declare their intent to run by emailing their responses to the “Board Candidate Questions” (available at the store or by clicking here) to the Board Secretary at

The Board wants to encourage interested candidates to obtain a good understanding of board duties and responsibilities. To that end, it suggests that candidates take any or all of the following steps in addition to responding to the Board Candidate Questions:

  • Read the Board Candidate Information Packet (answering the questions included here is mandatory)
  • Attend at least two board meetings prior to the election (start with the one on Wednesday, February 24, at 6 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express)
  • Meet with a current board director for an informal discussion about board duties and responsibilities

Although the steps outlined above are optional, ballots will indicate whether or not candidates have completed them.

The Board looks forward to receiving your application!

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