When Tim Morrison became the store’s interim general manager, he vacated a Board of Directors position that will be filled by Co+op member Laila Badran until May 2017. Badran was voted on and appointed after convincing the Board of her love for the store:

I see the Co+op as integral to what makes Los Alamos attractive to a family like mine. Shopping there helps us maintain a core family value: supporting small, local businesses, farmers, and producers. I can get almost anything I need that’ll meet my family’s food needs without having to drive to a natural or organic food store 45 minutes away. The Co+op also teaches us that sustainability is a responsibility, and just because organic food is offered at a cheaper price elsewhere, it doesn’t necessarily make that the right choice, or the sustainable choice—not for our immediate community, nor for the larger communities of organic suppliers.

I joined the Co+op Board because I am grateful this store exists, a short 5-minute drive from my house. I am invested in the Co+op and its success, for the sake of my family, and for the sake of our community. I joined the Co+op Board in order to be a part of something that I believe in and care deeply about. I hope to be able to serve the community in such a manner that will allow the Co+op to continue to succeed, grow, and prosper, allowing it to provide our families with healthy food and healthy values for years to come.

—Laila Badran, new Board member

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