I want to share some of the recent experiences I’ve had as a new board member and go behind the scenes a little bit to encourage some of our members to consider running for one of the upcoming board vacancies this spring.

Like many members, I was genuinely concerned for the Co+op and some of the challenges I saw affecting business during the past few years. As a member and customer, I had some very basic exposure to some of the issues affecting the staff, general manager, vendors etc.

Yet, at the same time I was always impressed with the level of commitment I found at every level of the organization. Obviously there were times when morale was low but the core loyalty to the Co+op as a business and the co-op ideals have always been impressive to me.

When I was approached to volunteer for the board, I was pretty reluctant because like everybody else on the planet I’m busy with work, family, and life in general. However,  the more I talked with staff, members, customers, and board members I began to think I might have an opportunity to contribute.

That said, I had some real doubts about my ability to be effective in a group decision-making environment that I thought was focused on reaching consensus.

Six months into this what I have experienced has been very rewarding, and like the other co-op constituencies the other board members I work with are an amazingly committed and loyal group of people.

A little side note here: This past summer, I was traveling to Minneapolis, and General Manager Tim Morrison asked me to make a trip to a well-known and high-performing co-op called The Wedge. I stopped in and got some dinner at The Wedge hot bar and was very pleased with my overall experience with the store, staff, and quality of food. But my main take away from that visit was how amazingly blessed we are to have our little Co+op here in Los Alamos. From my perspective, our store was equal if not better in overall food quality, staff awesomeness, and focus on co-op ideals.

So I think it’s very important to thank everyone involved in conceiving, starting, funding, building, and sustaining this little gem we have here. I also want to encourage you to consider joining the board in this next election. The election takes place at our annual meeting in April; four board positions will be open.

I know you have doubts like I did. But I realized that I have something to contribute and like you I have a unique perspective. Our board thrives (I now know) on this diversity and our Co+op is thriving because everyone involved is committed to it’s growth.

Please email me and let me know you’d like to join our board of directors. I’ll send you the election details and get you started. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

—Steve Snapp, board member

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