January is a time for reflection on the prior year and planning for improvements in the new year. Many people make resolutions to improve their health through more exercise and eating healthier. The Co+op can help you on both counts.

2015 was tough for the Co+op, but the year ended with a very positive November and December thanks to increased shopping by our member-owners and the community. Thank you!

For healthier eating, the Co+op offers local and organic fruits and vegetables, locally produced meats and cheeses and delicious, home-made deli food. One of my favorite treats in the Co+op deli is the squash enchiladas. Another favorite is the fantastic made-to-order omelets cooked by Deli Manager Chris on Sunday mornings.

There are many ways to get to the Co+op for those omelets. We love to walk there on one of several trails leading to the Co+op. I feel very fortunate to live in a town so committed to health with an awesome trail system.

Now, there is another improved way to get to the Co+op. Get on the bus! Los Alamos County recently announced the addition of a new bus stop right in front of the store. This is awesome news!

“Many people expressed interest in bus service to the Los Alamos Cooperative Market,” says Ken Smithson of Atomic City Transit. “We’re happy to report that Route 3 will provide hourly service to this location, with a bus stop on Entrada Drive right in front of the market. The County Public Works Department even built a turnaround for the bus at the end of Entrada for this very purpose.”

Another New Year’s tradition in our house is to reflect on what we are grateful for and looking forward to in the new year. I am grateful for the awesome team we have at the Co+op from employees, to the other Board members, to our members and customers. I will always be grateful that Nancy Savoia had the initial idea all those years ago to start a Co+op in town. I am also happy that National Cooperative Grocers is assisting the Co+op by providing a consultant to help our management team improve the Co+op operations and provide support to our employees.

—Karen Kendall, Board Member

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