The Los Alamos Cooperative Market is fortunate to work with two award-winning local producers. Growing Opportunities, Inc. was named Outstanding Business of the Year by the Small Business Development Center at Northern New Mexico University. Camino de Paz School and Farm was honored as New Mexico’s Best Farm by Edible magazine.

Steve and Kimberly Martin, owners of Growing Opportunities, are based in Alcalde, New Mexico, and supply the Co+op with several varieties of tomatoes as well as English cucumbers, which are delivered every Tuesday and Friday. Their four conservation-oriented hydroponic greenhouses produce fresh, pesticide-free products year round. All plant growth is accomplished via pesticide-free methods and bees as pollinators.

Dairy & Produce; Santa Cruz, NM

Dairy & Produce; Santa Cruz, NM

Camino de Paz, which doubles as a private Montessori middle school, is located in Santa Cruz, about 25 miles northeast of Los Alamos. The seventh, eighth, and ninth graders who attend the school apply math, science, reading, and other subjects to their daily responsibilities on the farm. This time of year, those duties include a lot of milking, as goats resume production. Look for more diary items from the farm—such as ricotta, kefir, chevre, and yogurt—to be available at the Co+op. Produce, such as lettuce and other greens, are delivered weekly on Thursdays or Fridays.

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