“I love food and sharing my love of food with others,” says Jen Bennett, who was hired as the Co+op’s marketing coordinator in January. Previously, Bennett was a marketing and community liaison for Whole Foods Market in Silicon Valley.

At LACM, Bennett’s primary goal is to increase awareness of the store around town. “I’d like to help the store become even more of a destination,” she says, noting that her favorite thing about the Co+op is the sense of community—and the “decent coffee beans at a fair price.”

Bennett has only been in town for four months and has quickly come to feel at home in New Mexico. “I love the hiking and the feeling of being nestled in the mountains,” she says. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, canning, crafting, and working out at the Y. Bennett also works part-time at the Los Alamos Historical Society.

Bennett, who has lived in western Massachusetts and Martha’s Vineyard, also likes the store’s smell. “I can’t believe that the Co+op here smells like all of the co-ops in New England have smelled for the past 40 years!”

That’s just one sign that the Co+op is doing something right—and Bennett will make sure the community knows it.

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