The Co+op is finally generating power again!  Our solar panels are now covering our back dock and air compressors serving a dual purpose as a shelter. We are confident that this new location is not in danger of being hit by a truck (as long as people drive on designated roads).

The energy produced is broadcast on the Sustainability page of the website, so anyone with an internet connection can see the amount of energy generated by our solar panels.  For example, on Tuesday, September 9th the solar panels generated 41.8kWh of energy: enough energy to power 418 100W incandescent bulbs for one hour or (the energy efficient translation) 1,548 27W compact fluorescent bulbs for one hour. It is a great start to saving energy.

Generating electricity through solar panels is one aspect of the Co+op’s Sustainability Plan, and rainwater catchment is next on the agenda.

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