On May 3rd, a beautiful spring day, we cleaned up Pajarito Canyon and participated in the Pajarito Enviornmental Education Center (PEEC) Earth Day Festival. Co+op volunteers and staff (Bill Hargraves, Lisa, Kennard, & Shawn West) worked hard to move trash found in and around Pajartio Canyon down to the road access, where a county vehicle can pick it up. They removed big pieces of pipe in addition to smaller bagged trash. We greatly appreciate their hard work. If you would like to volunteer, please come out on May 17 to help the Board clean up the Canyon Rim Trail (across from the Co+op).

At the PEEC Earth Day Festival we sold ice cream and taught people about math in fruits and vegetables, an activity made possible by Mathamuseum. Other than running out of ice cream early, it was a great day for all.

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