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LACM 2016 Board of Directors

LACM 2016 Board of Directors

Board Member


Megan Green President
Cecile Hemez Vice-President
Karen Kendall Treasurer
Laila Badran Secretary
Natalie Melaschenko
Steve Snapp
Alex Jonoko
Joshua Faulconer
Roberta Mulford

You may contact the board at: board@losalamos.coop

Board Meetings


Board meetings are held the 4th Wednesday of every month from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Express, 60 Entrada Drive, Los Alamos (just east of the co-op). All members are invited to attend the monthly Board of Directors meeting. There is a period of time scheduled at the beginning of the meeting to allow members to voice concerns, comments or questions. Note: the Board will listen and take under advisement any member input, but will defer to answer questions until a later time so that the board can have discussion, agreement and can speak as one voice. The General Manager may answer any operational questions posed if possible.

Board Meeting Approved Minutes

Annual Meeting and Reports

The annual member meeting is held in April of each year. This general meeting of the member-owners each year is to hear and act on reports of officers, managers and committees of the Cooperative and to discuss major issues. The following are annual financial reports delivered by the Board to the members at this meeting.

Board Documents