As a member of the Los Alamos Cooperative Market, you are also an owner. We have 1666 member-owners. Cooperatives exist to serve their member-owners; it is a business that is owned and controlled by its members. In consumer food cooperatives, the members consist of people who use the goods and services provided by the Co+op. As a member-owner you elect a board of directors who represent your interests in the success of our Co+op. You are invited to attend board meetings and the annual meeting (this year it will be April 27 – more details in future newsletters).

Our Co+op has been open for 3 years as of March 1. We are going to have another birthday party where all members will get 10%* off their purchases. So please join us for the celebration! *We do not compound discounts.
~Tracy McFarland, LACM Board Vice-President

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