Serving hot bar, salad bar, sandwiches, coffees,

and grab & go every day!

Rotating Weekly Menu – Gluten-free, Vegan and Vegetarian options!

Deli Menu 6/5– 6/11

Monday: Carne Adovada (GF), Green chile chicken enchiladas (GF), Cheese enchiladas, Green chile mashed potatoes (Veg,GF), Southwest veggies (Veg,GF), Vegan southwest quinoa (V,GF), Spanish rice (V,GF), Soup of the day.

Tuesday: Garlic and rosemary baked chicken (GF), Sausage and spinach lasagna, Vegetarian pasta (Veg), Roasted redskin potatoes (Veg,GF), Ratatouille (V,GF), Spicy Thai tofu (V,GF), White rice, Soup of the day.

Wednesday: Meatloaf (GF), Sweet green chile barbeque chicken (GF), Spinach and artichoke mac and cheese (Veg), Sunburst fiesta veggies (V,GF), Baked sweet potato fries (V,GF), Seasoned pinto beans and mushrooms (V,GF), That Espanola style tofu (V,GF), Soup of the day.

Thursday: Kung pao chicken (GF), Pork fried rice (GF), Tofu fried rice (V,GF), Sesame roasted sweet potatoes (V,GF), Orange cashew broccoli (V,GF), Deli vegan udon noodles (V), White rice, Soup of the day.

Friday: Adobo chicken (GF), Carne adovada enchiladas (GF), Calabacitas enchiladas (Veg,GF), Potato wedges (V,GF), Calabacitas (V,GF), Pinto beans (V,GF), Sweet and smokey tofu and broccoli (V,GF), Spanish rice (V,GF), Soup of the day.

Saturday: Pesto chicken and veggies (GF), Sausage and peppers (GF), Vegan spinach and mushroom penne (V), Italian potato wedges (V,GF), Zucchini pomodoro (V,GF), Red curry tofu and veggies (V,GF), White rice, Soup of the day.

Sunday: Korean barbeque chicken (GF), Pork stir fry (GF), Oven roasted sweet potatoes (V,GF), Stir fry veggies (V,GF), Sesame ginger rice noodles (V,GF), White rice, Soup of the day.

Catering available for your event!

We are here for all of your grocery needs!

If you are looking for our delicious breakfast burritos or are hungry for lunch, we have a great variety of hot bar dishes, soups, pre-made and custom-made sandwiches, salads, and always great vegetarian options.

We are also available to prepare catered food for your event.

Please call our deli to place a catering order, and to hear what we are serving and when it is available. The deli is currently open until 2PM. Our menu is different everyday!

(505) 695-1579 Ask for Deli!