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Food For Thought 

As National Co-op Month progresses, we are selling more local produce.  Pumpkins and ristras decorate the Co-op as cold weather approaches.  Here are important dates to remember over the next few weeks: we are closing early (3:30 pm) this Wednesday (10/17) for our all-staff meeting; we are hosting an art show opening with refreshments this Thursday (10/18) at 5:30 pm; our member drive runs through the end of October; and turkey pre-ordering is going on now. Thank you for your time. Enjoy!
Camino de Paz y Cooperación
by Minesh Bacrania, Camino de Paz
Art Show at the Co-op 


by Minesh Bacrania  

Thursday, October 18th 

5:30 to 7:30 pm  

As part of National Co-op Month, we are holding an art show opening with healthy refreshments this Thursday, October 18th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Camino de Paz y Cooperación reveals the story behind local products through photography by Minesh Bacrania. The show features the partnership between Camino de Paz and the Co-op. Camino de Paz, a working farm and an experiential Montessori school, teaches Middle School students the value of food, agriculture, business and community. Camino de Paz staff and students will be present to share their stories and answer questions. 
Los Alamos Beer Cooperative


If all goes according to plan, the Los Alamos Beer Cooperative will open a professionally run, commercial brewery and retail taproom to fulfill the purpose and mission of establishing a brewery and a taproom in Los Alamos as a place for the community to gather and enjoy great, locally handcrafted beer. Los Alamos Beer Cooperative (LABC) has been incorporated under the cooperative statues of the state of NM. LABC will be owned by individuals of the community who will have a say in how the brewery and taproom are operated. By the cooperative principle of "one owner, one vote," LABC members will vote for a volunteer Board of Directors whose responsibility is to oversee the operations of the co-op by setting policy that directs staff to operate according to the member's values.


Initially, LABC's Board is tasked with the due diligence in establishing LABC as a viable business. Initial investment into the LABC will allow the Board to accomplish several important steps, i.e. establish LABC as a legitimate NM business, fund a market analysis, create a business plan and a 5-year financial pro forma. These tools help us in the capitalization process when seeking traditional forms of equity from banks, credit unions, United States Small Business Administration, etc. Early analysis indicates that LABC needs to fund start-up operations of $300,000 to $500,000 assuming that LABC initially is a small batch commercial brewery and a small taproom retail facility. Next steps, once fundraising indicates success, would be to seek and secure a location, equipment and start-up personnel (brewmaster and/or general manager). This process could take from 12 to 48 months


Initially, the Board sees that the co-op will provide benefits to its members, such as: discounted beer when the taproom opens, members-only pint glass to enjoy your favorite brew, discounted beer education opportunities, beer dinners, & beer tastings, and, of course, member appreciation and private tasting events. After the brewery and taproom are operational, the net profit of the business can be distributed back to the membership in the form of patronage rebates.


Additionally, members can engage with their co-op by helping choose and evolve the beers we brew, voting for Board of Directors, setting long term goals and policies of the co-op, and/or running for a seat on the Board.

Earn bragging rights and the chance to build and be part of something great! Join your local beer co-op today.   


-Steve Watts, General Manager 

Another Successful Beer Dinner

Photo:Attendees for the beer dinner showcasing Second Street Brewery. Photo: Jason Gleichman, Second Street Brewing Co.'s head chef preparing a meal to-go at the Co-op Beer Dinner (October 2012)


We hosted our third Beer Dinner on October 4th featuring Second Street Brewing Co. We are looking into ways to meet the increasing interest in beer pairing events.


You can read more about our last beer dinner by clicking here for the LA Daily Post article.  
Co-op Principal #6: Cooperation among Cooperatives


Cooperative Principal #6:
"Cooperatives serve their members most effectively and strengthen the cooperative movement by working together through local, national, regional and international structures." 
As a Cooperative business, we operate under the principle that we are stronger when we work together, which has allowed cooperatives to flourish even during the recession.

Local (Los Alamos): We are partnering with Del Norte Credit Union, founded in 1959, and Little Forest Playschool, founded in 1951, to celebrate our cooperative values and be stronger together. This partnership is the beginning of a long-term support system, which co-ops rely on to build community, grow individually, and compete with larger corporations. If you are a member of another cooperative, show your valid membership card at the register to receive member-only discounts at the Co-op. 

Regional & National: We work with a variety of food co-ops in New Mexico and across the country.  We are also able to use national cooperative resources to increase our buying power, knowledge, and problem solving power.

Dixon Co-op: If you are driving to Taos, I recommend taking a short detour off the beaten path to get a taste of great local food and history.  Dixon, NM is home to the Dixon Co-op Market, which carries a wide variety of local foods and brings back the best part of the small town store: the care and friendliness "Where everybody knows your name."  As they expanded, they were looking for ideas, tips, and resources to aid them in the next level of business.  In August, our management team volunteered their time to spend a day at the Dixon Co-op helping with resets, giving tips on how to make things run smoothly, and supporting their staff as needed. La Montanita played a huge role in helping us as we opened and got on our feet, and it is a wonderful experience to help other co-ops as well.

La Montanita Co-op: La Montanita, located in Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Gallup, and Rio Rancho (soon), helped our preliminary board follow the steps to building and opening our Co-op, and they also helped with the initial set for this store. Now we rely on their Cooperative Distribution Center, which helps give us access to local products and relieve farmers from needing to grow, harvest, and distribute their products. We regularly swap ideas, and we are working on expanding the ways we can work together.

Mountain View Market: Mountain View Market, located in Las Cruces, has inspired us to develop the Co-opRocks! program for teens and young adults and they helped show us what their events looked like, and how to get it started in Los Alamos. They are going to assist us with implementing Open Book Management by inviting our managers to partake in their Open Book Management Meetings and sharing the lessons they learned about implementing it in their store.
National Cooperative Grocer's Association: We work with the National Cooperative Grocer's Association (NCGA), a cooperative that helps food co-ops build the buying power that enable them to have lower prices that corporate chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's uses to offer lower prices. The NCGA also helps us learn from each other, and offers resources for our managers to share knowledge, solve problems, and share
resources. They also provide resources to spread the word about food and co-ops through marketing templates and the "Stronger Together" website.
International: Since the United Nations declared 2012 the Internationals Year of Cooperatives, it has been a wonderful year to share stories and knowledge on an international level. You can learn more about cooperatives from the European Research Institute on Cooperative and Social Enterprises (EURICSE), who published a document on understanding cooperatives. This year has opened the door to international cooperation, and the future looks bright for international partnerships. 

Would you like more information on cooperative principles?  Click Here! 


Thank you for your support!




Sandra West
Los Alamos Co-op 
October 17th
3:30 pm  

The Co-op is Closing Early! (3:30 pm)

On Wednesday, October 17, we will open at 7am and close early (at 3:30 pm) for our all-staff meeting. Thank you for understanding. We will resume regular hours October 18th. 


Hour regular store hours are Mon. through Sat. 7 am to 9 pm and Sun. 8 am to 8 pm.

Pre-Order your Turkey Today! 
Organic and Free Range  
You can choose from a variety of sizes from 8 pounds to over 25 pounds.  Stop by the Co-op to place your order.
October 27th
8 am to noon

Health Fair
Hosted by
the Los Alamos
Heart Council

We will be at the Health Fair on October 27th from 8 am to noon in the Los Alamos High School Griffith Gym.

November 13th
6 to 8 pm

High Altitude Cooking and Baking with
Liz Thomson

Learn tips and secrets to cooking and baking in the thin and beautiful Los Alamos air just in time for the holidays.  You will taste the difference with Liz Thomson on Tuesday, November 13 from 6 to 8 pm.


Register at the Co-op Today!

Youth Activity at the Co-op!
Can you find the raven?

Now the Co-op can be fun for all ages. Youth (12 and under) can search for the raven in the Co-op while you shop. When they find the raven, they can bring him to the front desk to get a prize.



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Meet our Raven. He gives you information and/or specials (found no where else).

The raven is back from summer fun and has a number of specials lined up for you this fall.

When you visit our website, check in on our raven to see what he has for you.  He changes frequently and his specials are not available anywhere else.

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