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Food For Thought 

Summer is nearly here! We have new projects to help reduce our carbon footprint and support our community, as well as information about recent events. We have summer tips and tasty treats in the "Check it Out" section. Do you have some extra time this summer? We are looking for volunteers! Thank you for your time. Enjoy!
Solar at the Co-op!
Plus: Electric Vehicle Charging Station

We are pleased to announce that plans to install a solar photovoltaic (PV) array at the Los Alamos Co-operative Market have been finalized and construction will begin in the next 1-2 weeks.


The 6.48-Kilowatt rated solar array will provide over 10,000Kilowatt/Hours of clean, abundant and renewable energy for the Co-Op annually.


This solar power system utilizes locally manufactured products and design, providing local employment opportunities and minimizing the impacts of transporting materials.


27 Schott Solar modules, manufactured in Albuquerque, NM will be installed as a carport; with racking manufactured in Tucson, AZ by Schletter Inc. and inverters from California's Enphase Energy.


Thank you Los Alamos Co-op!

-The Select Solar team

Expanding our Horizons...
TerraCycle at the Co-op
Sustainability through Repurposing
Get Involved! 

We now collect the following items in our designated bins located by our entrance and on our patio (north side of the store):

  1. All Chip Bags
  2. All Cereal Box Liners
  3. All Bagged Cereal Bags
  4. All packaging from Kashi & Bear Naked Products

1. Drop off items at the Co-op.

We have 2 designated bins: at the entrance; and on the patio.

2. Co-op Volunteers help sort and package the items.

Volunteers get an 18% discount for every hour of work! Do you want to volunteer

3. We ship them to TerraCycle.

4. TerraCycle repurposes the items by using them to create otherproducts.

5. Give back to the community.

By turning in items, TerraCycle donates money to our local non-profit organizations.



Look for the TerraCycle symbol next to the price tags when you shop at the Co-op to help you identify items that can be repurposed (all or in part).


Thank you for helping us extended the life of items that used to go straight to the landfill!  

See our sustainability website page for more information. 

You Own It!             Ownership is an important part of cooperative businesses and what sets us apart from most businesses.  There are 2 (out of 7) cooperative principles that focus on ownership: 

1. Voluntary and open membership

2. Democratic member control


1: Voluntary and Open Membership 

Los Alamos Co-op Market is a voluntary, non-discriminatory organization. Member-Ownership is open to everyone who wants to use our services and who is willing to accept the responsibilities of member-ownership.


In other words: YOU OWN IT! Anyone Can Own it! We all Own it! Together, we own it.

2: Democratic Member Control 

The Los Alamos Co-op Market, a consumer co-op, is a democratic business controlled by our Members (Owners) through equal voting rights.  One Member (Owner) = one share = one vote.  Members (Owners) can vote on bylaw changes and elect Members (Owners) to serve on the Board of Directors, who governs the co-op on their behalf. 


In other words: We are a Co-op of the people, created by the people (members), that works for the people (members). We are stronger together.


Members (Owners) are encouraged to attend the Board of Director meetings (3rd Monday of each month 6:30-8pm) to give direct in feedback, voice comments and suggestions, as well as learn more about the Board and their goals.


In return, we have many member specials throughout the store.  Thank you!


Verbage for Cooperative Principles adopted International Cooperative Alliance and People's Co-op.

A New Co-op in Town?
Los Alamos Beer Cooperative Established

Los Alamos is a hot bed of home brewing, and now there is a push to establish a more consumer friendly outlet for handcrafted beer. The Los Alamos Beer Cooperative (LABC) has been meeting informally for the past several months and has made the move to more formally establish itself as a New Mexico business. However, this group took the forward thinking approach to adopt the co-op model. Using the Los Alamos Co-op Market as an example, they decided that the co-op model allowed the group to raise needed capital without having to approach traditional avenues of capitalization such as banks or private investors. This was also seen as a way to establish the brewery as a truly community owned venture and to have built in patrons from the get go. The group is currently working to file Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws with the State. Additionally, LABC is surveying local community members to determine the feasibility of opening a brewery and tap room. Members of the community are invited to participate in the survey.  


Once this is accomplished, the LABC will be able to sign-up members and start other fundraising activities. Initially, funds will be used to hire brewery consultants who will provide:

  • Finalization of the Business Plan and financial statements
  • Specification and solicitation of competitive quotations for all brewery equipment.
  • Brewery installation and startup services.
  • Completed Business Plan including Pro Forma Financial statement including a five (5) year operating plan.
  • Complete set of specifications for all brewery equipment including bid analysis and recommendations.
  • Review of brewery installation drawings, oversight and consulting for unload and installation, interconnection, and initial brewing cycle.     

 -Steve Watts, General Manager 

Co-op Fun: Beer Dinner, Chamberfest, & Bike Swap

The outreach team at the co-op has been quite busy this past month. The co-op hosted our second beer dinner, participated in the LA Chamberfest and co-sponsored our inaugural Bike Swap.

The beer dinner, proving to be a very popular event, was held outside on the co-op's portale and featured a four course dinner prepared by Chef Chris McLean of Bishops Lodge Resort and beers paired by Culllen Dwyer, brewmaster from Santa Fe Brewery. Forty people had a great time listening to the Craig Martin Experience as they learned about the intricacies of beer and food pairing. Look for our next beer dinner in October-Oktoberfest!


The outreach team also had a lot of fun talking to the community at Chamberfest. Our first time to participate in this event, we made sure we made a splash by selling ice cream (local, non-dairy, or the real deal). We sold over $200 of ice cream and made a lot of folks both young and young at heart happy on a beautiful, hot New Mexico day.


The following day (Sunday June 10th) the co-op cosponsored our inaugural Bike Swap-a fundraising event for the local non-profit Los Alamos Singletrack Association (LASA). LASA is a new organization in town founded to assure that access, maintenance and development of local trails is a priority for our community. Dozens of folks brought in their bikes and bicycling accessories to sell and total sales for the day topped $9400. Ten percent of the selling price went to fund LASA trail projects. Scott Weiss, president of the LASA board stated that the $940 earned will go to building trails on Pajarito Ski Hill that are more for beginners and intermediate riders. Due to the overwhelming response, we'll have another Bike Swap next year!  
-Steve Watts, General Manager
Thank you for your support!




Sandra West
Los Alamos Co-op 
+Welcome, New Board Members!
+Want to Volunteer?

International Year of Cooperatives 
Cross-Country Film Tour 
Co+op, stronger together is celebrating the many ways food co-ops help build a better world though a series of videos that capture many aspects of food coops around the country.

They just released a video about Los Alamos, NM!

Check it out!


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