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Food For Thought 

Summer is here! We have information from our Board of Directors about Co-ops as well as updates on projects and new events. We have new summer cooking tips in our "Check it Out" section. Do you have some extra time this summer? We are looking for volunteers! Thank you for your time. Enjoy!
Co-op Solar to be Completed in Two Weeks!



TerraCycle's New Look
TerraCycle binSustainability through Repurposing

Get Involved!  


We collect the following items in our designated bins:

  1. All Chip Bags
  2. All Cereal Box Liners
  3. All Bagged Cereal Bags
  4. All packaging from Kashi & Bear Naked Products

TerraCycle Thank you for helping us extended the life of items that used to go straight to the landfill!  

See our sustainability website page for more information. 




Letter and Response Regarding Meat/Cheese Case

Dear Mr. Watts,


I am writing because in my humble opinion the problems with keeping the meat case refrigerators running are growing into a more serious problem. I have no doubt that you have given the question of whether to repair or replace the refrigerators serious thought, but given the large number of times that I have been in the Coop and seen the cases empty, I think there is the potential for the frequent fridge failures to be causing a painful loss of opportunity for the Coop. As a member, I will continue returning even when I see a failed empty cooler/fridge. However, I doubt this is the reaction from infrequent or non-member customers. This is not good for expanding the Coop's clientele.


I will take the liberty of suggesting three ideas:

  1. If repair is the chosen alternative, understand why previous repairs failed so soon. The number of failures also indicates a need to seriously consider the possibility that the Coop is being taken for a ride/played for a fool by your refrigeration repair service. Is it reasonably possible to return the fridges to reliable operation (i.e. likely to be > or = 5 yrs. between failures, as guaranteed by a free repair guarantee of at least 2 years)? My experience with appliance and vehicle repair in Northern New Mexico is highly variable and consistent with the proposition that there are a significant number of fundamentally incompetent repair people attempting to ply their trade.
  2. Purchase new cases, hopefully without involvement of the current repair shop, if it is not possible to reasonably understand the nature of past failures and receive a reasonable guarantee on current repairs.
  3. The temporary scheme of having meat and seafood fetched from the storage freezers/coolers has one of my friends delighted with the quality of the food. Perhaps a longer-term solution is to place a slightly smaller display fridge in the meat department and knock a small hole in the wall for a meat and seafood counter? Thanks for taking the time to read and consider my mail.
    Copeland Compressor 


Best regards,

Concerned Customer  


FULL ARTICLE and RESPONSE by Steve Watts, General Manager
Thank you for your support!




Sandra West
Los Alamos Co-op 
+More to a Co-op than meets the eye.
Tuesday, August 14th 6 to 8pm
Spring Rolls
Spring Rolls 2.0 with Ara Whetten 

Ara Whetten is back to teach a Spring Rolls 2.0 Shop with the Chef class on Tuesday, August 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. 


Registration opens August 1st! 

Join the efforts of an ambitious New Mexico teen...

Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in New Mexico 
Bethany Bauer, a 13 year old girl in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is taking action.  She created an online petition to ban single-use plastic bags.  Check out the links below to sign the petition and learn more.

Sign the Petition
New about the petition
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