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Food For Thought 

As fall approaches, we are expanding our local products and our recycling programs. Member Appreciation Day and an opportunity to speak with our Board are a few of the the great things happening at the Co-op this month. Thank you for your time. Enjoy!
Update on the Solar Array


The PV solar array has recently been installed by Select Solar of Los Alamos. Once the final inspections are completed, the PV array will be fully operational. We hope to experience about a 7-9% reduction in our electric bill over the course of a year. We will report savings after we have analyzed the results of implementing this alternative energy solution.

Gimme 5 Recycling in Los Alamos
We are now accepting clean #5 plastics. 


Our recycle programs continue to expand since we started the TerraCycle Program. 


Thanks to help from Gimme 5, who turns #5 plastics into toothbrushes, tupperware, and more, we are able to expand our recycle program to encompass #5 plastics.


You no longer have to throw these items out or transport them to another city.  You can drop them off in the Gimme 5 bin located in our cafe.  We will soon be adding a designated Gimme 5 outdoor bin. to help expand our collection capabilities.


See our sustainability website page for more information. 

Envisioning a New Business Model: Open Book Management


Recently, outreach coordinator Sandra West and myself headed to Davis, CA to learn about a progressive way of running a business, called Open Book Management. ZingTrain, a training company based out of Ann Arbor, MI, provided the expertise for a group of co-op managers and staff to learn firsthand how to make the finances and operations of a retail food co-op transparent and understandable to all of the different staff levels within an organization. Specifically, OBM is a system in which everyone in the co-op takes responsibility for the effective operation of the business, finance and otherwise. OBM is about everyone participating in running the business-having more fun, making work more interesting and having a more successful business. Look for progress reports from this column as we implement this system over the next 3-6 months!

-Steve Watts, GM 

Los Alamos Managers Volunteer to Help Dixon Co-op.

On August 1st, seven managers including myself descended on the small town of Dixon, NM to volunteer our time to make their community owned co-op a more viable and robust grocery store. We joined their board, management and volunteers early that morning and broke into teams to accomplish several tasks deemed important to make shopping the Dixon Co-op a more enjoyable experience for their members and customers. LACM managers worked to provide a better shopping pattern for the store with better signage and pricing information, eliminated non-working equipment, re-set shelving, and gave operational "best practice" advice to Dixon's managers. After breaking for a delicious lunch provided by volunteers, we had a discussion about what makes a co-op different and how we measure our success. Additionally, we shared what new things we learned from the morning's work session and what we needed to focus on the remainder of the day. Needless to say, the rest of the day was jammed packed as we tried to accomplish tasks we had begun earlier in the day and to leave the Dixon Co-op looking like it had improved from our work day. As a testament from our hosts, we accomplished our goals and have set in place relationships that we'll nurture for the future. Good luck Dixon Co-op!

-Steve Watts, GM  

Co-op 411: How we make Decisions.


We measure our success by how well we reflect the values of our community.  Member surveys are one of the ways we gather information to form our vision for the Co-op, which guides our decisions.  The Co-op operates with a triple bottom line: Performance, People, Planet; and we are successful when we support all three parts of our bottom line. 

As a co-op, we also follow 7 cooperative principles. Two of these principles address decision making:

3. Member economic participation

Members contribute equally to, and democratically control, the capital of the cooperative. This benefits members in proportion to the business they conduct with the cooperative rather than on the capital invested. 

4. Autonomy and independence

Cooperatives are autonomous, self-help organizations controlled by their members.


Would you like more information on o-operative principles?  Click Here! 


Thank you for your support!




Sandra West
Los Alamos Co-op 
Member Appreciate Day!

10% OFF
Saturday August 18th
As a way of saying thank you, we are holding a Member Appreciation Day. On August 18th members receive a 10% discount all day!  Your support is the reason we are here.  Thank you!

NOTE: We do not compound sales.
Coffee and Conversations with the Board:
August 18th
11am to 1pm

The Board represents our members and we need to hear from you. We look forward to a chance to chat with you.  

September 11th
6 to 8pm

Cooking for Vascular Health with Dr. Lee

Learn to feed your heart with Dr. Lee on Tuesday, September 11 from 6 to 8 p.m. 


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