Co+op Members have access to our Volunteer Program. Not a member? Learn about our Member Benefits. The Volunteer Program provides options for volunteering at the Co+op and at organizations within our community. For volunteer inquiries email

Volunteer Program Details

Volunteer at the Co-op:

  • Volunteer to work demo booths with samples of products. Volunteers will be trained on various products throughout the store and then work sample booths to provide information to browsing customers.
  • Teach a class. Are you an avid bird watcher, foodie, herbalist, storyteller, musician, seamstress or tailor, etc? Volunteer to teach a class at the Co-op.
  • Raised bed gardening and compost maintenance. Volunteer to help in our raised beds.
  • Volunteer at Community Organizations. Volunteers may choose to volunteer with various community partner organizations for credit at the Co-op.

All Volunteers receive a 5% discount for every hour work. Discount cards may be combined up to three times for a total 15% discount.