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Bruce FBruce F
12:50 10 Nov 23
Outstanding grocery selection, freshly made sandwiches, and premade meals. Handles quick or breakfast thru late lunch premade meals. Amazing range of products. Excellent service even if you are out visiting. Nice picnic tables and trailhead steps away.
Heidi NarumHeidi Narum
23:19 18 Oct 23
Wonderful place full of wonderful people.
Stephanie ZielaskowskiStephanie Zielaskowski
23:49 16 Aug 23
Easily the best grocery shopping experience in town. Knowledgeable and friendly staff, high quality products. Love going to the co-op with my family.
Zora the ExplorerZora the Explorer
15:11 15 Aug 23
The wraps in the refrigerated section were good. Could never make it in time for the hot bar because it finished up by 2pm, but smelled so good. This is more of a health food store so you won’t find major brands like Coke/Pepsi, or junk food here. Two great trails are nearby, one across the street (rugged) and one right behind it (flat black top, great fir running). Cashier was super nice
dana Evendana Even
19:23 10 Jun 23
I love love love the food that they cook fresh everyday! Delicious soups, beautiful salad bar and the hot food is always so so yummy! Today I'm enjoying a salad with sausage and mixed veggies. Everything beats expectation. And the staff! Always delightful! If you're hungry..... have I got a place for you!
23:26 11 Apr 23
This place is a hidden jewel, a block from the Holiday Inn and Suites. They have a great selection of produce and all the basics of a grocery store, plus a daily salad bar and hot bar with great breakfast burritos and amazing options for lunch that vary every day. They also have a deli counter where you can get sandwiches made to order. They have a wonderful selection of bakery goods. They also have a good selection of unique and delicious premade salads, sandwiches, sushi and entrees. They feature many items from local or nearby growers, producers and bakers. Don't miss the banana bread they make in-house! The staff is always very friendly and helpful.
Juleann FallgatterJuleann Fallgatter
22:37 30 Oct 22
A fantastic grocery store for Los Alamos. I haven't found anything I need that they don't have and it sure beats having to drive to Whole Foods.
Ann LongmireAnn Longmire
02:03 29 Sep 22
This is a very special place they have a great friendly staff with an excellent outdoor court where people can gather and visit. They even have a play are for small children... Wonderful place.
Dana EvenDana Even
06:39 31 Aug 22
Did you ask me where you can get the best deli sandwich before 2pm? The COOP. They even have a fresh salad bar and healthy hot food bar open for lunch. YUM! Healthy food, snacks and freshest fruits and veggies. You should check out this hidden gem located right past Holiday Inn Los Alamos on Entrada Drive.
Private PersonPrivate Person
19:05 29 Apr 20
Great grocery store. Although it isn't as big as a superstore, they have most everything, if not every brand, because they specialize in healthy alternative brands. The produce is excellent. Sandwiches, salad bar, and prepared food are all great for lunch or dinner but they close the dinner about 6:30. You may want to call to be sure they are still open if you want prepared food or sandwiches for dinner. Their breakfasts are also super popular so you may have to get there early if you want a breakfast burrito.Now that we are into the Covid stay-at-home orders, these guys are even better. They are providing grocery pickup as well as taking great care to sanitize the checkouts after each customer. The carts and the rest of the store are kept really clean, too. Check out their website for their prepared food and instructions on how to order groceries for pickup. Also because they source much of their food such as beef locally, if the other stores are having trouble keeping food items in stock, these guys are likely to do better. The little store that can and does! Thank you Co-op grocery heroes for keeping us well fed and safe. We know you are working really hard and we really appreciate it!
Sue BSue B
22:18 24 May 18
Best grocery for 50+ miles around. High-quality, good selection, all organic produce, much of it locally sourced. Terrific bulk section. Staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and responsive to questions and concerns. Salad bar and hot foods bar are wonderful, as are drinks and super-fresh sandwiches. This is an amazing store!!!