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Deli Menu 3/27 – 4/2

This Week’s Lunch Menu
Monday: Chicken and spinach lasagna, Sausage and peppers (GF), Italian potato wedges (V,GF), Zucchini pomodoro (V,GF), Rosemary mushrooms (V,GF), Vegan chickpea curry (V,GF), Soup of the day.
Tuesday: Kung Pao chicken (GF), Chao pork and mushrooms (GF), Roasted sweet potatoes (V,GF), Stir fry vegetables (V,GF), Spicy Thai tofu (V,GF), Rice, Soup of the day.
Wednesday: Meatloaf (GF), Honey baked chicken (GF), Mashed potatoes (GF), Oven roasted brussel sprouts (V,GF), Red curry tofu and veggies (V,GF), Rice, Soup of the day.
Thursday: Carne adovada (GF), Calabacitas enchiladas (Veg), Herbed potatoes (V,GF), Southwest veggies (Veg, GF), Pinto beans, (V,GF), Spanish rice (V,GF), Soup of the day.
Friday: Lemon garlic salmon (GF), Chicken penne pasta, Roasted rosemary potatoes (GF), Broccoli and brussel sprouts (V,GF), Green curry tofu and veggies (V,GF), Rice, Soup of the day.
Saturday: Baked cod (GF), Pesto chicken (GF), Potatoes O’Brien (GF), Green team veggies (V,GF), Vegan pesto pasta (V), Braised mushrooms (V,GF), Soup of the day.
Sunday: Adobo chicken (GF), Green chile chicken enchiladas (GF), Calabacitas (V,GF), Potato wedges (V,GF), Refried beans (V,GF), Spanish rice (V,GF), Soup of the day.

A family friendly Cooperative Grocery Store who values its community! We strive to support small and local businesses, sustainability, and ethical work practices. We value healthy food, healthy living, and healthy communities. The Los Alamos Cooperative Market welcomes everyone, members and non-members!

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